DELSEY PARIS's Commitment

to Sustainable Development

For several years, we have been developing various initiatives to manage our energy and environmental footprint, design more environmentally friendly luggage, and promote socially responsible practices.

In 2023, to go further and consolidate our efforts, we conducted a carbon footprint assessment for DELSEY PARIS. Based on the findings of this assessment and incorporating the expectations of our key stakeholders, we have restructured our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We have set our future goals and directions around 3 main pillars:




Our mission is to inspire travelers to explore and discover the world. Being an economic player, a brand, and a responsible employer that manages and optimizes its environmental and social impact is a priority for DELSEY PARIS.

Davide Traxler, PDG DELSEY PARIS

Carbon Footprint

Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change

We are aware of the emissions related to our industry, particularly from the production and transportation of our products, which is why we are mobilizing to address the challenges related to our environmental impact. We therefore are committed to controlling our carbon emissions (both direct and indirect).

[Scope 1 and 2]

Annual Carbon Footprint Assessment

Performed once a year


Eco-conception Eco-design & Repairability & réparabilité

We are committed to developing sustainable, secure, and high-quality products while managing our impact and ecological footprint. In product development, we focus on two main aspects: eco-design and product longevity.

Eco-design is crucial and allows our teams to consider product life cycle issues and environmental impact from the design phase. That's why we favor repairable components and focus on the use of replaceable parts such as wheels, handles, and trolley systems.. This emphasis on reparability, along with our global warranty of up to 10 years for some products, helps us maximize the lifespan of our items. Our repair centers and Customer Service team are dedicated to supporting our clients in encouraging the repair of their luggage.


Recycled & Recyclable Materials

We are also working on finding alternatives to virgin plastic and prioritize recycled and recyclable materials, particularly by developing recycled product lines [2], while ensuring the quality, durability, and safety of our products. In 2024, 45% of our linings are made from 100% recycled materials, marking a 9-point rise from 2023.

[2] In 2024, more than 52% of our products incorporate recycled materials.


Our goal is to offer a complete range of product that incorporate recycled fabric.

We are committed to eliminating all single-use plastics from our packaging or substituting them with eco-responsible alternatives.

Supply Chains

Advocating for Exemplary Supplier Relationships

DELSEY PARIS has developed a model policy for selecting and monitoring suppliers. As part of our CSR commitment, we ensure to minimize any social risks and guarantee human rights for everyone working for our suppliers, through the external audit platform AMFORI.

DELSEY PARIS selects its partners based on ESG criteria, which conform to globally accepted standards for social compliance. All DELSEY PARIS' partners are registered on on this platform and undergo physical audits by a third party, at least on an annual basis. We ensure that all our suppliers are audited and will make sure that the results of these audits comply with DELSEY PARIS's ESG standards. We are also committed to taking necessary actions against any supplier who fails to meet the required environmental and social (ESG) standards.

Annual Supplier Audits

Performed once a year

via the AMFORI platform.

Supply chains

Relying more on maritime and railway transportation

Regarding the 'Transport' aspect of our supply chains, we have already implemented a number of actions, including optimising container loads and means of transport. In the coming years, we will strengthen these actions and work to integrate rail transport into our logistics strategy. Our aim is to work with transport companies committed to improving their environmental performance and to limit our use of road and air transport.


Creating a positive impact on employees

DELSEY PARIS is committed to strengthen its social commiment by fostering a work environment where employees feel supported, valued, and motivated. We are dedicated to exploring new ways to have a positive impact on our employees by providing development opportunities and ensuring a balance between their professional and personal lives.

Diversity & Inclusion

DELSEY PARIS advocates for a clear policy on equality, diversity, and inclusion guided by its D&I charter across all Group entities. A "zero-tolerance" policy towards discrimination is enforced to create a respectful and inclusive workplace. Since 2024, any reports of misconduct can be submitted through a secure and confidential digital platform.

Training program

DELSEY PARIS cultivates a corporate culture that values and supports continuous learning and personal development. We facilitate access to online learning for flexible and on-demand development. DELSEY PARIS aims to foster professional growth and job satisfaction.

Health and Welfare

DELSEY PARIS guarantees all employees a minimum health coverage that provides access to primary care. By 2026, the goal is to enhance these minimum guarantees to provide more comprehensive healthcare protection


In addition to our commitments and the CSR objectives outlined in our corporate strategy, we contribute to "Impact Projects." This approach does not exempt us from our social and environmental responsibilities, nor does it replace our commitments, but we believe it generates long-term virtuous outcomes.

Committed to a Green Future

Building on our commitments and the CSR goals integrated into our corporate strategy, we partner with Green Future Project, an initiative dedicated to preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.


For every purchase made on our website, 1% of the revenue will be allocated to two environmental projects, carefully selected in collaboration with Green Future Project. The funds raised will actively contribute to reforestation and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Supporting Impactful Projects

The Rimba Raya and Posidonia Oceanica Bergeggi projects aim to protect fragile ecosystems and promote sustainable practices. Reforestation, biodiversity preservation, protection of habitats for endangered species, and decarbonization— together, you and we are making a positive impact.


Of which:

Science-backed Tonnes

Science-backed CO2 isn't linked to a carbon credit, but nevertheless reliable as resulting from a scientific measurement and estimation of the CO2 tonnes absorbed.

Certified Tonnes

Certified tonnes are CO2 tonnes linked to carbon credits which certify an exact amount that can be offset.

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Projects We Support Together

Rimba Raya Project

Preserving and protecting the Rimba Raya Reserve in Indonesia and its rich biodiversity from deforestation.

Posidonia Oceanica Bergeggi Project

Restoring marine ecosystems along the Italian coast through the planting of Posidonia Oceanica seagrass meadows, a vital marine plant essential for the balance of the underwater habitat.