YOLO Journal & DELSEY PARIS: Guide to Copenhagen, Denmark

DELSEY PARIS ha stretto una collaborazione con la prestigiosa rivista di viaggi YOLO JOURNAL per offrirvi ispirazione per i vostri prossimi viaggi nei luoghi più belli del mondo. Yolanda Edwards, fondatrice di Yolo Journal, condividerà con voi mensilmente i suoi luoghi preferiti e alcuni indirizzi segreti.

Copenhagen is always a great idea–no matter the season. Yes, even in the winter–and maybe especially in the winter, when it’s so moody and romantic, and everything seems to be candlelit. This is my list from a recent trip, where we spent all of our time indoors, and it didn’t matter how dark, wet, or cold it was outside!





Yolanda Edwards is the founder of Yolo Journal, a weekly newsletter and seasonal print magazine devoted to the love of travel. Yolo gathers insider addresses and favorite destinations from its trust network of travelers in creative fields and shares them with a growing community of discerning global explorers.