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{"Gewicht":"1.00kg","Abmessungen": "45,50cm : 45 x 31 x 14","Volumen":"21 L","Materialien":"POLYESTER","Innen":"
  • 1 flache Tasche
  • Anti-RFID-Tasche
  • Garantieschild mit QR-Code
  • Kompatibel mit Laptop und Tablet
  • Innen komplett gefüttert
  • Kompatibel mit dem Trolleysystem
  • Extrem angenehmer Griff oben
  • Bequeme Rucksackträger
  • 2 Seitentaschen mit Reißverschluss
[{"title":"INTELLIGENT SECURE CLOSURE","content":"The SECURFLAP features a unique closure system! Simply press the two parts of the closure together from top to bottom and it closes with a click. This closure system makes this the essential backpack to have to keep your belongings secure and protected on your everyday trips! ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/66a9c437-7838-440c-ab33-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061025-05.jpg"},{"title":"MODERN, ELEGANT DESIGN","content":"The SECURFLAP backpack, with its modern urban styling, takes its inspiration from the world of the outdoors. With its elegant, unfussy design and two-material construction, it offers a range of colour combinations to suit every taste! The top and sides are made from waterproof material to keep your belongings protected in bad weather! ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/181e5556-cbfc-4e08-8d45-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061025-06.jpg"},{"title":"OPTIMISED STORAGE ","content":"The two wide-opening zips on the sides provide easy access to the main compartment when the backpack is opened via its intelligent closure system. Inside this compartment are two reinforced padded pockets designed to accept a 16\" laptop and a tablet, the rest of the space where you can store all your other items, and two small closed pockets for your personal effects. Two large and instantly accessible pockets for storing a bottle of water or other items are provided on the sides. There is also a small zipped pocket at the bottom on the back where personal items can be securely stored for easy access! ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/82f01195-2f59-4df7-b3d3-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061025-07.jpg"},{"title":"FEATURES DESIGNED WITH YOUR COMFORT IN MIND ","content":"The straps and rear sections of the backpack are constructed from a 3D mesh foam to provide optimal comfort and prevent the build-up of sweat. Once you have it, you won't be able to do without it! ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/0e2a9306-94f2-459b-8a50-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061025-08.jpg"},{"title":"ANTI-RFID POCKET","content":"This backpack features a built-in anti-RFID (Radio Frequencey Identification) pocket designed to prevent theft of your personal electronic data. The perfect place to store your phone and debit/credit cards! ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/c06ae321-83c0-43e9-9c26-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061025-09.jpg"},{"title":"COMPATIBLE WITH THE TROLLEY SYSTEM ","content":"On the rear of the backpack is a strap enabling it to be connected to your luggage's trolley system: just the ticket for when you don't feel like wearing it on your back. ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/81969f05-c601-4fa9-a4cc-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061025-10.jpg"}]
["1004:TROLLEY system compatible","1065:Data protection RFID","1084:Laptop and tablet compartment","1064:Limited 2-Year Warranty","1116:Secured buckle"]
{"Gewicht":"1.00kg","Abmessungen": "45,50cm : 45 x 31 x 14","Volumen":"21 L","Materialien":"600D POLYESTER MIT PU-BESCHICHTUNG"}
[{"title":"DELSEY PARIS, OFFIZIELLER LIZENZNEHMER VON ROLAND-GARROS\n","content":"DELSEY PARIS kreiert für ROLAND-GARROS eine elegante und sportliche limitierte Edition, deren Farben an das berühmte Tennisturnier anknüpfen und die das Co-Branding-Logo von DELSEY PARIS und ROLAND-GARROS trägt. \n","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/c65f3af4-4ad8-4d1f-9465-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061172RG-05.jpg"},{"title":"EIN GUT DURCHDACHTER INNENRAUM\n","content":"Der Rucksack hat ein gepolstertes Fach, in dem ein 16-Zoll-Notebook und ein Tablet Platz finden. Der Rucksack hat außerdem ein Anti-RFID-Fach (Radio Frequency Identification), das den Diebstahl von elektronischen Daten verhindert. \n","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/dd5635a9-c5d2-4772-bcbe-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061172RG-06.jpg"},{"title":"AUSSTATTUNG FÜR IHREN KOMFORT\n","content":"Das Rückenpanel des Rucksacks sowie die Gurte bestehen aus 3D-Mesh-Schaumstoff, der optimalen Komfort und Transpirationsschutz bietet. \n","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/a6a70e23-854a-43da-9eef-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061172RG-07.jpg"},{"title":"MIT DEM TROLLEYSYSTEM KOMPATIBEL\n","content":"Dank der Schlaufe auf der Rückseite kann der Rucksack sicher am Trolley-System des Koffers befestigt werden. \n","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/48f29de4-c83e-4c2d-9cb2-front/original/delsey-securflap-00202061172RG-08.jpg"},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]
["1004:TROLLEY system compatible","1065:Data protection RFID","1084:Laptop and tablet compartment","1064:Limited 2-Year Warranty","1116:Secured buckle"]