YOLO Journal & DELSEY PARIS: Guide to Oaxaca, Mexico

DELSEY PARIS has partnered with the premium travel magazine YOLO JOURNAL to bring you monthly travel inspirations to the most beautiful places in the world. Yolanda Edwards, founder of Yolo Journal, will share with you her favorite places and secret addresses.

Oaxaca, in southwestern Mexico, is one of my favorite cities in the world. Home to the largest population of artisans in the country, it’s the birthplace of mezcal, and the most lovely colonial buildings and cobblestone streets. Perhaps because it isn’t so easy to get to (most flights stop in Mexico City), and because it’s so much smaller, it feels calmer–less intense and intimidating. You can head there just for a long weekend of the most incredible food, markets, and visits to artisans (candlemakers, rug weavers, , or you can stretch it out with cooking classes, visits to nearby villages, or pair it with a trip to the Oaxacan Coast. Whatever you do, put this charming, beautiful town on your list, because it is truly magical. 

Where to eat:


Los Amantes Mezcaleria: Tiny mezcal bar, mostly frequented by locals. Great, hidden gem. Across the street is Hotel Los Amantes (same owners), which houses a rooftop bar with a glorious view of Santo Domingo Church. Perfect for a sunset cocktail.

La Mezcalerita: Fantastic mezcal bar featuring their proprietary brand as well as others, pulque and a large selection of local craft beer. Fun rooftop bar, mostly locals.

Sabina Sabe: Great cocktail bar, extensive mezcal list, good wines and delicious light snacks—perfect for early happy hour.

Mezcaleria In Situ: Small mezcal bar that houses the largest selection of mezcales in Mexico (per their website). Very local spot.

La Mezcaloteca: Great bar that serves their proprietary mezcal.

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