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{"Weight":"0,90kg","Dimension":"30cm : 30 x 40 x 10","Volume":"12 L","Material":"100% POLYESTER RPET 300 DENIER","Interior":"","Exterior":"
  • Recycled material
  • Zippered opening
[{"title":"Optimal organisation","content":"These packing cubes are perfect for keeping everything organised inside your suitcase on all your travel adventures. With four different sizes provided, they are equally suitable for use for packing things in both your hand luggage and your hold baggage.\nCompact and foldable, they slip easily into the zipped storage pouch supplied. This one-litre pouch can also be used for storing your liquid products on your travels.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/ab959c86-2121-4de5-ab2d-front/original/delsey-accessory2.0-00394115502-05.jpg"},{"title":"Storage accessories made from recycled materials","content":"The recycled plastic material these packing cubes are made from is rPET and contains the plastic from three and a half entirely recycled water bottles. ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/037d48f8-920b-42ff-a543-front/original/delsey-accessory2.0-00394115502-06.jpg"},{"title":"Four different sizes for four different uses. ","content":"The largest packing cube measures 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm and is big enough to store a pair of shoes. The medium-sized cube measures 33 cm x 25.5 cm x 10 cm and is large enough to store a jumper and a pair of jeans. The 25 cm x 21 cm x 10 cm cube is ideal for T-shirts and accessories. And finally, the smaller 25 cm x 11 cm x 10 cm cube is suitable for your small electronic devices.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/0a3a5a34-5376-4a1d-928b-front/original/delsey-accessory2.0-00394115502-15.jpg"},{"title":null,"content":null,"image":null},{"title":null,"content":null,"image":null},{"title":null,"content":null,"image":null},{"title":null,"content":null,"image":null}]
["1064:Limited 2-Year Warranty","1030:Recycled materials"]