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{"Weight":"11.70kg","Dimension":"76cm : 76 x 50 x 32","Volume":"104 L","Material":"ABS / POLYCARBONATE"}
[{"title":"ULTRA-SECURE LUGGAGE","content":"The SECURITECH® patented zip protects your belongings with\n reinforced security. Its unique fastening system is 3 times stronger than a traditional fastening system and can prevent your luggage from being broken into via the zip! This luggaage features a TSA combination lock that enables you to secure your luggage with your own personal code whilst at the same time allowing the Transport Safety Authority (TSA) to check it without damaging it using a special key.","image":""},{"title":"WELL-DESIGNED LUGGAGE","content":"The inside of the FREESTYLE suitcase is made from rPET; a material manufactured from entirely recycled plastic water bottles! This luggage has a compartment fitted with adjustable straps to store as many items as possible, optimising the available space.","image":""},{"title":"A SUITCASE THAT ADAPTS TO ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS","content":"The suitcase features four quiet and highly manoeuvrable wheels. They have been specially designed for comfortable and responsive handling. The whole design process aims to make luggage easier to handle.","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]
{"Weight":"0,90kg","Dimension":"30cm : 30 x 40 x 10","Volume":"12 L","Material":"100% POLYESTER RPET 300 DENIER","Interior":"","Exterior":"
  • Recycled material
  • Zippered opening
[{"title":"Optimal organisation","content":"These packing cubes are perfect for keeping everything organised inside your suitcase on all your travel adventures. With four different sizes provided, they are equally suitable for use for packing things in both your hand luggage and your hold baggage.\nCompact and foldable, they slip easily into the zipped storage pouch supplied. This one-litre pouch can also be used for storing your liquid products on your travels.","image":""},{"title":"Storage accessories made from recycled materials","content":"The recycled plastic material these packing cubes are made from is rPET and contains the plastic from three and a half entirely recycled water bottles. ","image":""},{"title":"Four different sizes for four different uses. ","content":"The largest packing cube measures 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm and is big enough to store a pair of shoes. The medium-sized cube measures 33 cm x 25.5 cm x 10 cm and is large enough to store a jumper and a pair of jeans. The 25 cm x 21 cm x 10 cm cube is ideal for T-shirts and accessories. And finally, the smaller 25 cm x 11 cm x 10 cm cube is suitable for your small electronic devices.","image":""},{"title":null,"content":null,"image":null},{"title":null,"content":null,"image":null},{"title":null,"content":null,"image":null},{"title":null,"content":null,"image":null}]
["1064:Limited 2-Year Warranty","1030:Recycled materials"]
{"Weight":"12,80kg","Dimension":"76cm : 76 x 52 x 32","Volume":"119 L","Material":"POLYCARBONATE"}
{"Weight":"11.70kg","Dimension":"75,50cm : 75 x 50 x 33","Volume":"116 L","Material":"100% POLYCARBONATE"}
[{"title":"THE PERFECT SET\n","content":"The set includes 3 items of luggage, at 55cm, 66cm and 75cm, suitable for all kinds of travel. In addition, the cases fit inside each other for easy and convenient storage.\n\n","image":""},{"title":"ULTRA-SECURE LUGGAGE\n","content":"Say goodbye to luggage damaged by customs! The TSA combination lock enables you to secure your luggage using a personal code whilst at the same time allowing the Transport Safety Authority (TSA) to check your luggage without damaging it using a special key. The luggage is fitted with DELSEY PARIS's patented ultra-secure closure system: the SECURITECH® 2 zip. Up to three times more resistant to intrusion than a conventional zip, this unique closure system provides optimal security for your luggage. The TSA combination lock and the original anti-theft zip are your best allies when it comes to travelling with complete peace of mind.\n","image":""},{"title":"A PRACTICALLY DESIGNED AND HARD-WEARING INTERIOR\n","content":"SHADOW 5.0's lining is made from 100% recycled materials. Designed with convenience in mind, it can be removed and machine washed!\n","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]
{"Weight":"10.80kg","Dimension":"77cm : 77 x 50 x 30","Volume":"99 L","Material":"ABS / POLYCARBONATE"}
[{"title":"A TSA combination lock","content":"No more customs damaged luggage! The TSA combination lock allows you to secure your luggage with your personal code, while letting the Transport Safety Authority (TSA) check your luggage without damaging it by means of a specific key. ","image":""},{"title":"Functional and secure","content":"COMETE + suitcases are equipped with a double-zipped main opening to which a padlock can be added. Their polyester lining ensures both security and comfort of use. The top and side handles make them quick and easy to pick up and manoeuvre on trains and planes. With their internal straps and zipped mesh divider, providing two individual compartments, the COMETE range of suitcases keep your belongings properly organised and separate.","image":""},{"title":"A suitcase that adapts to your movements","content":"COMETE + suitcase is equipped with four silent and highly manoeuvrable double wheels. Tough, hard-wearing and multi-directional, they are specially designed to provide superlative rolling comfort.","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]