YOLO Journal & DELSEY PARIS: Napa Valley Secrets

DELSEY PARIS has partnered with the premium travel magazine YOLO JOURNAL to bring you monthly travel inspirations to the most beautiful places in the world. Yolanda Edwards, founder of Yolo Journal, will share with you her favorite places and secret addresses.

Napa Valley has been famous for its wine since the 1970s, and attracts so many visitors from all over the States who come for its warm days, cool nights, beautiful tasting rooms, and incredible landscape. I’ve been lucky to go there many times over the last several years, and have pulled together a great list that I’m happy to share with you. But first, let me explain the geography: Napa Valley runs “south to north” in northern California, and, coming from San Francisco, it is an hour and a half northeast. Once you decide where you are staying, plan your itinerary carefully because you want to spend time enjoying and not in a car, driving back and forth from “Up Valley” (Calistoga, Saint Helena), to Napa, Carneros, or Sonoma.

Where to Stay:

Francis House Delsey Paris Yolo Magazine
Indian Springs Resort Delsey Paris YOLO Magazine
Meadowood Delsey Paris Yolo Magazine

The Wineries

Hudson Delsey Paris Yolo Magazine
French Laundry Restaurant Delsey Paris Yolo Magazine
French Laundry Restaurant Delsey Paris Yolo Magazine

The Restaurants

To Do

Carter and Co Napa Valley Delsey Paris Yolo Magazine

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