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Laptop Bags

{"Weight":"0,99kg","Dimension":"30cm PC protection : 30 x 42 x 15","Volume":"20 L","Material":"80% RECYCLED POLYESTER + 20% LEATHER"}
[{"title":"AN INNOVATIVE RANGE","content":"A sleek design for this innovative and secure range to ensure stress-free travel.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/fb3465f4-7f1a-4abc-b068-front/original/delsey-arche-00120016300-05.jpg"},{"title":"MINIMALIST AND INGENIOUS ","content":"The product is made from recycled fabric. Its minimalist style is highlighted by touches of leather. The satchel is equipped with two invisible side pockets, providing more storage options, for a sleek and elegant design. In addition, these are magnetised for better hold. ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/375e05b6-1a53-4f15-b3fd-front/original/delsey-arche-00120016300-06.jpg"},{"title":"SEVERAL WAYS OF CARRYING ","content":"The product can be carried by hand or on the shoulder thanks to the adjustable and removable shoulder strap. The shoulder straps on the back of the satchel allow it to be worn as a backpack. ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/715ca670-c82e-4bd1-b7ef-front/original/delsey-arche-00120016300-07.jpg"},{"title":"A WELL-DESIGNED INTERIOR","content":" For optimal storage of personal belongings, the product has a compartment as well as a foamed pocket for a 15\" laptop. This built-in anti-RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) pocket is designed to prevent theft of your personal electronic data, making it the ideal place for carrying cards and phones. The lining is made of rPET; a completely recycled material! The SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology it's treated with inhibits the growth of bacteria.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/c63e6f26-0f21-4e92-b366-front/original/delsey-arche-00120016300-08.jpg"},{"title":"BUNDLE AND ROLL","content":" A support loop on the back of the bag allows it to be easily slid onto the trolley of the suitcase to bundle and roll the luggage in a single movement. ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/8233049e-824a-40e0-a58d-front/original/delsey-arche-00120016300-09.jpg"}]
["1011:PC Protection","1064:Limited 2-Year Warranty","1065:Data protection RFID","1066:2 in 1 backpack ","1022:Leather","1030:Recycled materials","1004:TROLLEY system compatible"]
{"Weight":"1,14kg","Dimension":"39cm PC protection : 39 x 35 x 17 / 0","Volume":"24 L","Material":"RECYCLED PU"}
[{"title":"DELSEY PARIS, OFFICIALLY LICENCED BY ROLAND-GARROS","content":"DELSEY PARIS has created an elegant and sporty limited edition for ROLAND-GARROS with colours that echo the famous tennis tournament, featuring a DELSEY PARIS and ROLAND-GARROS dual-branded logo.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/ff365b16-90e0-4804-89bb-front/original/delsey-turenne-soft-00163261072RG-05.jpg"},{"title":"AN INNOVATIVE DESIGN","content":"The water-proof material and ingenious features make it an everyday essential.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/07b05dc7-3b2f-4fca-b6f8-front/original/delsey-turenne-soft-00163261072RG-06.jpg"},{"title":"AN INNOVATIVE LINING","content":"The inner lining is made of rPET; a completely recycled material! The SILVADUR™* antimicrobial technology it's treated with inhibits the growth of bacteria. *SILVADUR™ is a trademark of International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. or its affiliates.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/d74a8bb8-0d8e-4cf9-a4f8-front/original/delsey-turenne-soft-00163261072RG-07.jpg"},{"title":"FEATURES DESIGNED WITH YOUR COMFORT IN MIND","content":"The back of the bag and its straps are made from a 3D mesh foam to provide optimal comfort and prevent the build up of sweat.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/a70a5137-aea1-4096-a397-front/original/delsey-turenne-soft-00163261072RG-08.jpg"},{"title":"CLEVERLY DESIGNED FEATURES","content":"This backpack has a large main compartment for storing all your essentials. On the back of the bag, a foam pocket protects your computer!","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/36fd195f-06ad-407d-83c5-front/original/delsey-turenne-soft-00163261072RG-09.jpg"},{"title":"COMPATIBLE WITH THE TROLLEY SYSTEM","content":"A loop located on the back of the bag enables it to be placed on top of the suitcase trolley without risk of it falling off.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/b91f830b-7bd2-4d04-9725-front/original/delsey-turenne-soft-00163261072RG-10.jpg"}]
["1064:Limited 2-Year Warranty","1004:TROLLEY system compatible","1084:Laptop and tablet compartment","1065:Data protection RFID","1075:Bottle pocket","1038:Rainproof","1030:Recycled materials"]
{"Weight":"1,30kg","Dimension":"30,50cm : 30 x 53 x 28","Volume":"46 L","Material":"PVC"}
[{"title":"WATERPROOF LUGGAGE","content":"The water-resistant material and ingenious features make these pieces essential for free-spirited travel.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/deb3e9b7-813e-4c80-a0d6-front/original/delsey-adventure-00255941002-05.jpg"},{"title":"INNOVATIVE SHAPE ","content":"\nWith the adaptable shoulder straps and an innovative fastening system, the bag can be worn in different ways: on the back, over the shoulder or carried by hand. ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/16109c2d-f0b1-44e3-a649-front/original/delsey-adventure-00255941002-06.jpg"},{"title":"CLEVERLY DESIGNED FEATURES","content":"To separate shoes from the rest of your belongings, a special compartment can be accessed directly from the outside.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/12efcb1a-de25-4ec6-89a9-front/original/delsey-adventure-00255941002-07.jpg"},{"title":"PRACTICAL STORAGE","content":"Optimal storage with a large interior compartment and foamed laptop pocket.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/001a7436-b51a-4def-bd70-front/original/delsey-adventure-00255941002-08.jpg"},{"title":"BUNDLE AND ROLL","content":" A support loop on the back of the bag allows it to be easily slid onto the trolley of the suitcase to bundle and roll the luggage in a single movement. ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/400b8084-f8a1-4957-9fd6-front/original/delsey-adventure-00255941002-09.jpg"}]
["1001:Cabin luggage","1004:TROLLEY system compatible","1072:2 in 1 duffle bag - backpack","1028:ZIP SECURI TECH","1030:Recycled materials","1065:Data protection RFID","1092:Shoes bag","1019:Water repellent material","1011:PC Protection"]
{"Weight":"0.70kg","Dimension":"31,50cm PC protection : 31 x 46 x 13","Volume":"19 L","Material":"450 X 450 DENIER POLYESTER","Interior":"
  • PC and tablet protection compartment
  • 1 zippered pockets
  • Removable adjustable shoulder straps
  • One large front pocket
  • Trolley system compatible
  • Main compartment with interlocking sliders
  • TSA combination padlock
  • Back zippered pocket
[{"title":"Smart fittings","content":"Lightweight and feminine, the MONTROUGE briefcase is perfect for protecting your 14\" laptop and to accompany you on all of your business trips. Its multiple pockets will ensure an optimal storage capacity. Its very wide zipped opening ensures easy access to all of your personal belongings, for flawless organisation. ","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/7ab61aaf-16e7-48a2-a6cb-front/original/delsey-montrouge-00201816003-05.jpg"},{"title":"Compatible with trolley system","content":"A loop attached to the rear of the bag enables it to be placed securely on top of the suitcase without the risk of it falling off. Combine your luggage together and roll it as one whole unit in just a single step. It also has a removable strap so that you can carry it over your shoulder, and a handle so that you can carry it in your hand. Its protective feet will protect the fabric from dirt and wear. This MONTROUGE travel bag has adjustable straps and handles so that it can be carried in several different ways. Its two handles are magnetised so that they stylishly stay together and to facilitate handling.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/a5de18df-5df6-48cc-8366-front/original/delsey-montrouge-00201816003-08.jpg"},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]
["1084:Laptop and tablet compartment","1077:Large opening","1004:TROLLEY system compatible","1096:TSA combination padlock"]