An Ode to Hollywood and How David Bowie Met John Lennon by THE UNSEASONAL and DELSEY PARIS

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Some call Los Angeles the “City of Angels”; others call it the “City of Dreams.” Founded
on September 4, 1781, under Spanish Gov. Felipe de Neve, in the village of Yaanga, Los Angeles soon expanded with settlers from Spain and Mexico, land speculators, oil barons, and gold prospectors who came during the California Gold Rush in 1848. In 1911, a site on Sunset Boulevard was turned into Hollywood’s first studio, and soon after, there were about 20 companies producing films in the area. When the Golden Age of Hollywood took off with the advent of sound film in the late 1920s, countless actors seeking fame started to flood the city.

Images: Ger Ger Words: Tina Ger

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