Odysway & Delsey Paris: 5 unique immersion trips to Asia

DELSEY PARIS and Odysway join forces to share unforgettable experiences. Odysway agency, specialist in responsible immersion trips, offers access to privileged experiences, close to the locals.

Asia is a fascinating continent, rich in diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes. From the Andaman Sea to the Himalayan peaks, immersion trips allow you to discover its many facets. Immerse yourself in the daily life of a region, taste the local cuisine and enjoy the cultural richness while admiring the natural beauty of its sublime landscapes.

Discover 5 immersion trips in Asia for unforgettable and unique travel experiences.

Northern Vietnam: discovering authenticity

With its green mountains, tropical beaches, picturesque villages and bustling cities, Vietnam has become a must-see travel destination that attracts many visitors each year. A trip to the north of Vietnam will allow you to discover a more authentic and less touristy part of the country, the opportunity to explore the local culture and daily life in a more intimate way.

Odysway invites you to an immersive local experience through its trip in the North of Vietnam. A real dive in the heart of the local culture and daily life, close to the local communities!

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