Adventuring Across Asia

Delsey Paris and Visual Pleasure have embarked on a world tour that celebrates the beauty of travel through art.
Join us as we unearth the vibrant stories and sights across Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and South Korea.


Japan has a way of looking forward while always looking back. Tradition and tomorrow weave together in harmony, extending their reach through every town, city, and subculture tocreate a story only Japan could tell. One of community, of embracing the new, honoring the old, and welcoming you in to experience it all.


An urban photographer’s role is so much more than simply capturing the city around them. Their photographs serve as a portal to the cultural beat of a place, going beyond the legendary landmarks to center in on the places and faces that ring true to those who live there. For Yuma Yamashita, his work serves as an open love letter to Japan’s most iconic city.

Home to nearly 14 million people, over 1000 temples and shrines, and dotted with the most skyscrapers in the entire world, Tokyo unfolds in its entirety in front of the lens of Yamashita.

“I developed my photography style in order to portray Tokyo’s charms that had not yet been exposed to the world, in my own way,” he says.

Cherry blossom-lined roads, meditative spaces, bustling streets — Yamashita uncovers it all. Together, he led us down some of the most notable stops, like popular konbinis for a midday snack and Ōimachi’s alleys lined with yakitori bars and stalls to welcome the end of a work day.

“Tokyo is an interesting city,” says Yamashita. “The historic and urban areas coexist, and the city is evolving still, even today.”

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Just around the corner from the daily grind and hum of Shibuya Station, All Day Place Shibuya offers a glimpse into the local’s life. Contemporary furnishings provide a comfortable, surprisingly spacious home base for your everyday explorations — like a morning cup from Life Coffee Brewers or a venture down Nonbei Yokocho — known historically as ‘Drunkard’s Alley’ — for a beer and a bite.

Few stays honor Japan’s history like the capsule hotels. Originally a solution for businessmen staying in the city during the work week, they’ve since attracted visitors from around the world. Nine Hours expands the concept, delivering private cocoon-like capsules with sleek showers and location-specific amenities like working spaces and cafes. While the perks may vary, the countdown remains the same: 7 hours for sleep, one hour for bathing, and another for preparing for your day. Photography by Alec Favale

In Nagasaki Prefecture, Gotō places the spotlight firmly on its natural surroundings. A collection of islands that offer a different pace of life than Japan’s popular central cities. On Fuku Island, the largest within the southern tip, Hotel Sou embraces that perspective with an airy three-room indoor-outdoor concept. Restaurants and shopping stops are just around the corner, and the harbor beyond sets the backdrop to a simpler, slower way to travel.

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On the outskirts of rural Gifu Prefecture, nature reigns. Yoro
sits at the base of the Yoro Mountains, welcoming you in with winding paths that lead you deep along its trail, past stunning falls, and upon spaces that were designed to be a little, well, disorienting. Spaces like the Site of Reversible Destiny, created by artists Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins.

Labyrinths without an end, pathways that rise and fall, odd shapes and colors, the immersive art project challenges your mind and body to reshape your reality and solve the puzzle before you. Photography by Irene Oliveti

On the campus of Kanagawa Institute of Technology, architecture studio Junya Ishigami + Associates designed a spacious plaza not for studying or cramming in a last-minute study session but to slow to a stop and contemplate the process of passing time. Skylights are cut out in clean lines as a dramatic ceiling sweeps above a curved floor, creating an encounter guided by the senses.

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United Arab Emirates

You’ll feel it before you see it. The warmth of the desert floor, the sweet breeze off the coast — UAE welcomes you in with a tight embrace. It’s only when you let go that you’re able to take in its vast expanse and uncover the adventures that wait within.


Skyscrapers that seem to shine without the sun, a glittering coastline bordering the Persian Gulf, the allure and mystery of an infinite desert — Dubai can often feel like a mirage, a mystery to be unraveled. Photographer Abdulla Elmaz leans into that intrigue, creating a surrealist vision you’d find in a dream.

Living here, we have beautiful landscapes of cool and warm tones, such as the ocean, mountains, or desert. It gives me a canvas to be inspired by and create what I need.”

No matter the setting, Elmaz encounters his surroundings with a soft, dreamlike touch. A elcome contrast when shooting a metropolitan giant like Dubai. “When you look at one of my images, I wanted to create the same feeling and illusion of waking up in the morning with the haze still in your vision,” he says.

We followed Elmaz as he created an illusion of his own, incorporating a bright sea of DELSEY PARIS luggage that extends for miles in every direction of the city’s iconic backcountry.

Behind the scenes: Sometimes, you have to create your own magic. When Elmaz was met with a cloudy shoot day, the photographer went out of the box to collage together a new backdrop — the sky from a previous shoot, the mountains from AI, and the sand enhanced with a light post-pro touch.

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There are two ways to look at the rolling, red dunes of the Sharjah desert. A place void of life. Or a place full of prosperity. The answer lies at Al Faya Retreat (part of the Sharjah Collection), where modern luxuries greet this often misunderstood terrain with a serene stillness.

Beyond the salt pools, herbal rooms, and amenity-rich accommodations of this architectural gem, Al Faya serves as a gateway to the ancient caves and findings of the Mleiha region. A gentle reminder of the many layers one place can hold. Photography by Fernando Guerra

When the pulse of Dubai’s city center pulls you in, there’s no better place to settle in than at 25hours Hotel One Central. This hip hotspot operates as a hub of its own, uniquely designed to reflect the culture of its location with plenty of art, dining, and entertainment on every level.

Dubai is a city of duality, effortlessly shifting between both the glamorous and natural beauty it holds. At Bab Al Shams, experience both in one place. The hotel pairs breathtaking backdrops with lavish, amenity-packed digs placed throughout the property’s breezy, modern meeting grounds.

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No matter the miles, art has a way of connecting us all. See it for yourself at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s cultural collaboration with France’s renowned Louvre art museum. Situated on Saadiyat Island, the museum is a celebration of world art and architecture, housed in a textural mashup from architect Jean Nouvel that plays with light, space, and form. Photography by Alex Block

For the days that require a more reflective state of mind, ZAAZ is a welcome respite. Peaceful interiors make it easy to zone out and get grounded with wellness rituals inspired by a traditional Moroccan hammam. Round out your care with hair and nail services, a shop filled with natural goodies, and a spacious relaxation room for afternoon lounging.

International brand Jaipur Rugs has always been rooted in tradition, working directly with artisans from all five Indian states to create lasting products with history. For their Dubai showroom, the first in the Middle East, the company called on Roar Design Studio to create a space as distinct as their rugs. The result is a detailed feast for the eyes, fit with cascading staircases inspired by Jaipur’s famous stepwells.

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South Korea

On the southern half of the Korea peninsula, busy cities make way for quiet escapes, tradition finds common ground with modern day, and cultural mashups celebrate the spirit of fresh perspectives. This is South Korea, honoring heritage while keeping with the times.


We’ve arrived in Seoul, where soaring skyscrapers and future-forward tech beat alongside the temples and palaces of long ago in a singular rhythm. It creates an air of originality. Photographer Intak Song breathes it in with ease. Song likes to infuse a little bit of wonder and wander in his works, balancing light, color, and composition to shoot photographs that bring imagination to the expected.

“I prefer to capture a photo that doesn’t feel too fanciful or out of the blue,” says Song. “I'm attracted to that little bit of special that anyone is capable of imagining.”

Amid the busy buildings of downtown, Song breaks up the monotony of the work week with a bold pop of DELSEY PARIS. Through Song’s lens, reinvention is always just one jump away.

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Blink and you might miss it. Tucked in between two brick
buildings, down a winding alley in Seoul’s Jongno-gu district, Nuwa practices the art of subtlety. Step through the door of this hushed sanctuary and you’ll feel an almost immediate rush of relief. This micro guesthouse may be small, a mere 33 square meters, but no detail goes unnoticed. A porthole window in the bedroom spotlights the Inwangsan mountain, a soaking tub looks over a quiet garden, and curated neutral interiors allow your thoughts to come to a standstill — a feat hard to find among the thrummings of South Korea’s capital city. Photography
by texture on texture

About an hour outside of Seoul, the land opens up to reveal South Korea’s more scenic side. Along the way to nearby Chuncheon, Mulmut is a picturesque rest stop. A quiet handful of minimalistic villas overlook the Bukhan River with a private pool and deck as your viewpoint.

Travel Tip: Sink into your serene surroundings with Mulmut’s spa and bath rooms. Throughout the property you’ll find cypress tree spas and indoor tubs for that extra special touch of rejuvenation.

Standing squarely in front of Jinha Beach in the southern portion of Ulsan, sea views are the only thing MimMim Villa shares with your typical beach stays. The ultra-modern concept is in a field of its own, designed to form its own collection of islands with a four-sided pool, light from all angles, and glass finishings.

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In the middle of Seoul’s COEX Central Plaza, three stories worth of books tower above the plaza floor and wrap around its perimeter. This is Starfield Library, one of the most original library concepts in the world, shelving over 50,000 titles to peruse, select, and flip through the pages from one of the library’s cozy reading areas. When you’re done reading, be sure to wander your way through the rest of COEX. It’s the largest underground mall in Asia and holds more hidden gems than just the library, including a massive aquarium. Photography by Jahan Amin

Icons are so for a reason. When in Seoul, a day wandering Gyeongbokgung Palace is a must. Considerably the largest and most notable palaces of the Josen Dynasty, come to Gyeongbokgung to wander the garden, watch the changing of the guards, and get a peek into the history of the grounds.

No matter how captivating the technological marvels may be, it’s South Korea’s natural beauty that will outlast it all. For a full dose of scenic adventure, travel to Bukhansan National Park.
From granite peaks to winding creeks, every trail leads to a new memory.


If you take a microscope to the cultural fabric of Indonesia, you’ll find endless strings of stories that intersect and fold into one. Follow its threads and uncover the artists, places, and communities that individually shape the country.


For most, it’s Indonesia’s temples and beaches and forests that serve as portals to inner grounding. But even in Jakarta, Indonesia’s fast-paced capital city, one can find creative healing among the fray. The key? To let go and lean in.

Just ask photographer Ryan Tandya. Be it on set or in the street, editorial work or personal projects, Tandya is embracing a new approach to his work, spending less time planning the details and more time welcoming the unexpected.

“I realized that chaos can be more inspiring than order,” says Tandya. “There is a certain beauty in raw disarray, in things that are seemingly out of place like on bustling city streets, where disparate elements would clash and collide harmoniously.”


Beyond the pristine beaches and lush green landscapes, Bali is a story of community. A place where land and locals are intricately woven as one and spirituality seeps into every experience. In the coastal village of Pererenan, Further Hotel stitches a story of its own, rich in rejuvenation and connection. Its distinct
lodging, wellness, and dining offerings are intentionally dispersed throughout the town, inviting you to select a destination, but enjoy the slow journey that takes you there. 

Travel Tip: Stay at Further Hotel to, quite literally, further your connection to the local community. The hotel’s “Friends of Further” program partners with local and international names like St. Ali, Oaken Lab, Smile Clothing and Thomas Surfboards to enhance your stay.

As you leave the coast behind and wander further inland in Bali, Indonesia’s lush, lively rainforest slowly rises and wraps around you and what’s around you, including Ubud Zen River House. A retreat in every sense of the word, the private rental delivers panoramic views of the jungle beyond. Wander into town or stay put with sweet amenities like a yoga deck and stone sinking tub.

Canggu’s signature surf culture is on full display at The Slow. Airy furnishings, green details, a cool, laid-back essence — the hotel-bar hybrid is a perfect spot to kickback, share a bite, and enjoy a drink in between catching waves.


In Seminyak, places like Kim Soo Home merge concepts to
stand out among a sea of luxury resorts and shopping. Step inside the monochromatic interiors to peruse designer homewares, local pieces, and handmade goods before stepping out on the relaxed patio for global eats and morning coffees.

Back in Canggu, the best days are the ones that end at Luma, where southern european classics are enhanced with ingredients sourced from Bali. Not ready for dinner? Stop in for an aperitivo and snack from 4-7 p.m.

Make your way down to the water and busy beachfront for a modern spin on quintessential izakayas. Yuki delivers on all accounts — serving up fusion sushi, Japanese cocktails, and weekly events in an energetic, open-air space so you’re never far from an ocean breeze.