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Chatelet Air 2.0

{"Weight":"2.90kg","Dimension":"55cm : 55 x 35 x 25","Volume":"38 L","Material":"100% POLYCARBONATE","Interior":"
  • Peach touch
  • Neoprene battery pocket
  • Two sets of straps and one zippered dividers
  • Powerbank cable
  • Laundry bag
  • Shoe bag
  • Recycled lining
  • Straps on the bottom
  • USB port integrated in lock
  • Soft touch side handle for smooth carrying
  • Soft touch top handle for smooth carrying
  • Recessed combination lock with TSA
  • Multi position Trolley system with soft touch handle
  • Removable Address holder
  • Warranty QR code plate
  • Patented zipsecuritech upgraded opening: ZST 2
  • Anti scratch finishing
  • Dual density wheels
[{"title":"A TSA COMBINATION LOCK\n","content":"No more luggage damaged by customs! The TSA combination lock enables you to secure your luggage using your own personal code whilst at the same time allowing the Transport Safety Authority (TSA) to check it without damaging it using a special key.\n","image":""},{"title":"YOUR SUITCASE ADAPTS TO ALL YOUR MOVEMENTS\n","content":"CHATELET AIR 2.0 features four quiet and highly manoeuvrable double wheels. They are specially designed to provide comfortable and responsively agile handling. To enable you to go wherever you choose, the luggage has been carefully manufactured to make it more manoeuvrable.\n","image":""},{"title":"AN EASY-ACCESS USB PORT\n","content":"The integrated USB socket on the bottom of your case offers the ultimate in practical convenience! You can simply plug your phone into your suitcase and slip your external battery into the small pocket designed specifically for the purpose. Never run out of battery power when on the move again!\n","image":""},{"title":"ELEGANCE AND EXPERTISE\n","content":"CHATELET AIR 2.0 is the very embodiment of French know-how and elegance. Its design evokes traditional Parisian architecture. Its unique lines call to mind the vintage design of the luggage of yesteryear whilst at the same time lending it a modern, contemporary look.\n","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]
["1001:Cabin luggage","1033:Limited 10-Year Warranty","1078:Zip SECURITECH® 2","1008:TSA Combination Lock","1108:Dual density wheels","1103:USB PORT","1030:Recycled materials","1092:Shoes bag"]