Guide to Patmos, Greece by YOLO Journal & DELSEY PARIS

DELSEY PARIS has partnered with the premium travel magazine YOLO Journal to bring you monthly travel inspirations to the most beautiful places in the world. Yolanda Edwards, founder of Yolo Journal, will share with you her favorite places and secret addresses.

This is the island that calls me to Greece every summer. A tiny rock in the Dodecanese, with no airport, it takes perseverance (and clever flight and ferry coordination) to get there, but it’s so worth it. The most beautiful water, gorgeous beaches, great hikes, and dreamy barefoot lunches.  We met up with our friends in August, although I far prefer the quieter months of June and September, when it’s not as hot and crowded, it’s much less expensive, and the locals are less exhausted. However, it’s lovely no matter when we go—and since our friends can only meet in that month, we oblige.

There are two types of visitors who come to Patmos: You either want to stay in Chora, the ancient town on the top of the island with its monastery at the center (St John wrote the book of Revelation here so it is considered a holy island), which is where everyone goes at night. Or you want to be closer to the beaches. I’ve done both, and I think I’m a Chora convert. We always stay a minimum of one week—and ideally two. Most people who visit Patmos decide they want to come back and stay longer the next time, especially after they see how complicated it is to get here! It’s also an island that requires a car if you want to explore all the different beaches, restaurants, and hikes.




Yolanda Edwards is the founder of Yolo Journal, a weekly newsletter and seasonal print magazine devoted to the love of travel. Yolo gathers insider addresses and favorite destinations from its trust network of travelers in creative fields and shares them with a growing community of discerning global explorers.