Georgia O’Keeffe, Dennis Hopper, and hiddentrails in Santa Fe by THE UNSEASONAL and DELSEY PARIS

DELSEY PARIS and THE UNSEASONAL are teaming up to take a fresh look at travel destinations that go beyond expectations. Let us invite you to explore the margaritas, counterculture, and more in Santa Fe, N.M., where even Dennis
Hopper once lost himself.

Picturesque Santa Fe is nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which merge seamlessly into the southeast part of the majestic Rocky Mountains. With an elevation of approximately 7,000 feet, the city is a launching point for ski afficionados who visit the
gorgeous snowcapped mountains in the winter. During the summer, New Mexico’s
capital indulges visitors with perfectly warm days and fields of wildflowers,
while the lower desert bakes in the sun at an average temperature of 100 F. Who
doesn’t remember the scene in Breaking Bad in which Walter wears
underpants in front of his RV, where he and Jesse have been cooking meth? The
series was primarily filmed in New Mexico’s expansive desert, located 50 miles
from Santa Fe. And it’s no wonder. The skies in New Mexico are breathtaking, and
the natural light is incredibly clear and pure.

Images: Ger Ger Words: Tina Ger

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